Domain search is the first thing that most of users will do when they come to a hosting site. It should be engaging and good looking. And we have taken care of it, there are 5 domain search Shortcodes for domain search for you.

Domain Related Shortcodes

Displays a fancy domain search box with all the extension added in WHMCS. Submits the form to WHMCS domain search area.

2. Domain Search Ajax

WHMpress offers you a unique Ajax domain search, with several options, one of them is site wide domain search. You can customize it fully by changing all the strings, display messages etc.

Ajax domain search have following features.

  • Supports new Domains
  • Support all cctlds (with or without whois server)
  • Multiples instances supported Do not limit the domain search to one page only, Put the search box on top bar, slider or home page and redirect the results to your domain page.
  • 540+ Domains supported
  • Display suggested domains through Ajax (watch demo here)

Ajax based domain search and Whois fully integrated with WHMCS to place orders.

3. Domain Search (Sitewide)

Site wide domain search have the same features as of Domain Search Ajax, with the only difference that you can place the search box site wide or on any site but search results will be sown on the page of your choice.

Either enter fully qualified domain names or choose from domains from WHMCS.

5. Domain Whois

A Simple but customize-able Domain whois Shortcode.

No domain selected

6. Domain Search Ajax Extended

Only work with WCAP or WCOP

Shortcode whmpress_domain_search_ajax_extended requires at least one of the following plugin.

  1. WHMCS Client Area with API (WCAP)
  2. WHMCS Cart & Order Pages (WCOP)