All order related Shortcodes allow you to link directly to your WHMCS (or to WHMCS Client Area Within WP, If you are using Client Area Addon).

Order Related Shortcodes

1. Order Button

Like other WHMpress shortcodes Order button is fully customize able. You can place order using it for any service/ duration and it is fully customize-able for text and CSS.

Additionally you can pass any additional parameters for WHMCS like template and cart template for ultimate control.

Place order for service in default currency for yearly billing cycle.

Place order for service for shared hosting in default currency for 2 years.

Place order for a VPS in Pound for Monthly billing cycle.

Place a dedicated server order defualt for Monthly billing cycle.

2. Order Combo

Use the extremely versatile order combo with a lot of options, No matter how you want to show your packages, it will suit your needs.


Order combo, with different display options like currency prefix, suffix, decimals and button text.

Multi-year Discount Option

Order combo gives options to auto calculate & show discount with multi year prices. You do not need to do all the math and insert manual codes to do that, just enable the option while inserting Shortcode and that’s it.

Calculate discount in % with multi-year pricing.

Show discount monthly savings with multi-year pricing.

Order link Shortcode is same as Order Button Sortcode, except it is mostly used for in-content linking and ordering. For example this is how you can Order a package. The last order link is result of this short code whmpress_order_link id=5, inserted through WHMpress button in WordPress Editor.

4. Order URL

Do you need to link an advert or a package from image, no worries, WHMpress also returns the raw url too.


Following is example of order link made from images linked using this Shortcode.