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Demo is setup with multi currency options, you can change currency from currency selector at top.

WHMpress lets you Display price of a WHMCS Service (Hosting Plan) with lot of customization options. You can show the prices in multiple ways without modifying HTML or playing with CSS.

1. Use With or Without Decimals

You decide, weather to show decimals or not or how many to show, as subscript, superscript, bold, italic or under lined, we have all covered.


2. With Currency

For the website as a whole or individually for each Shortcode, you have complete control of currency symbol. Either show prefix or suffix in any form.


3. With Duration

WHMpress gives your control on not only how to show duration (long or short) but also let you fetch price for specific billing cycle.

28.58 /Yr
28.58 /Year
28.58 /Yr
51.44 /biennially

Combining all options

Combining options 1,2,3 explained above, you can show your prices in any possible format. These are just 4 examples.

£28.58 /Yr
£28.58 /Yr
28.58GBP /Yr
£28.58 /Year

Lets try currency override

Do you sell in multi currencies? letting users to select currency of their choice is a great feature but whats about if you want to show all prices side by side? No worries, with WHMpress you can override currency in all the shortcodes.

£28.58 /Yr
$37.71USD /Yr
31.97 /Yr
£28.58GBP /Year

And yes, we have thought of this

Have you ever stuck in situation where you sell hosting yearly, but need to show monthly prices for marketing or comparison purpose? Order combo have even more extended form of it. click here to check.

Real yearly price from WHMCS

£28.58 /Yr

Converted to monthly us WHMpress

£2.38 /mo

2nd example

£2.38 /month